Auto Paint Shop

Auto paint shop at Penninger Heidelberg

Our modern paint shop will paint your car meeting the most advanced standards
for environmental protection.

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Auto Repair

Auto repair shop at Penninger Heidelberg

The car repair shop uses most advanced Bosch-diagnosis-tools to repair your
car fast, precise and inexpensive.

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Auto Body Shop

Car accident repair at Penninger Heidelberg

Any kind of damage will be fixed perfectly in our body shop. Replacement vehicles available.

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Suspension Aligning

Suspension aligning at Penninger Heidelberg

Suspension Aligning for wheels of up to 24" on our state of the art stand!

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Frame Measuring

Frame Measuring at Penninger Heidelberg

Frame Measuring in every body condition. Precision in all three dimensions!

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Motorhome Service

Motorhome maintenance and repair

Service, Repair, Body Works, Frame Messuring and Paint for your Motorhome.

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Chip Tuning

Your chiptuning specialist Penninger in Heidelberg

We are your chip tuning specialist in Heidelberg. We optimize for increased power and reduced fuel consumption.

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Turbo Charger

Your turbo charger specialist Penninger in Heidelberg

We exchange damaged turbo chargers using OEM-quality replacement parts
at very competitive prices.

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Auto Detailing

Auto detailing at Penninger Heidelberg

From interior to wheels – our detailing services let your car shine as new. Ideal prior to sale or leasing return.

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Wheel Repair

Wheel repair at Penninger Heidelberg

Refurbishing of alloy wheels inclusive of polishing, painting and repair of small damages.

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Air Condition Maintenance

Air conditioning repair and maintenance Penninger Heidelberg

Penninger offers auto full service from the maintenance of your air conditioning
to winter and tyre services.

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Classic Car Restoration

Oldtimer restoration at Penninger Heidelberg

Full restoration of classic car bodys with traditional craftsman skills.


Glueing instead of Welding

Body repair by glueing instead of welding at Penninger Heidelberg

Body repair for newest generation vehicles with modern glueing instead of welding technology.

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